Part of the Inspiration Trust Family

We’re part of the Inspiration Trust family of schools – we share a belief that every child deserves an excellent education.

Through collaboration, support and innovation the Trust and its schools strive to give every child the best start in life.

The Inspiration Trust’s curriculum combines traditional subjects with arts and music, as well as a range of extra-curricular activities and electives.

Their team of curriculum specialists lead the constant improvement of our curriculum. Our teachers are ambassadors for – and our children to benefit from - some of the most innovative developments in education.

The trust’s family of schools share their ideas and skills. Every teacher at our schools can benefit from the Inspiration Teaching School’s CPD programme, including the Aspiring to Headship and Leadership courses.

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Taking Part in Trust-Wide Sports Competitions

At Inspiration Trust we pride ourselves on our sports provision which not only includes a nationally-recognised sports curriculum, but includes half-termly Trust-wide sports competitions.

These competitions include football, athletics and dodgeball, and sees us working in partnership with brilliant local organisations such as the UEA Sportspark and The Nest in order to offer our students the very best facilities in which to compete. The atmosphere at these events is always described as electric!

Through taking part in sporting competitions our students are given the chance to shine outside of the classroom and learn vital skills such as the importance of team work, determination, patience and perseverance. 

It is also proven that taking part in sport encourages higher standards of achievement, improves cognitive function and improves overall wellbeing through having fun and making friendships.

Whilst outstanding sports provision is often overlooked within the state sector, all of us at Diamond Academy believe it is a core part of what every pupil should expect from their time in education and we are proud to deliver that. 


Primary Olympiads

All pupils have the opportunity to be involved in our Trust-wide Olympiads. These see pupils compete in competitions within their favourite subjects, allowing them to shine in areas where they are gifted.

One of our strategic aims is to ensure each and every child fulfils their potential. We believe this potential is not only reached through academic success, but through wider opportunities such as competitive programmes. 

Our Olympiads cover everything from Maths and Modern Foreign Languages through to Geography and Computer Science. They help children learn about teamwork and morals, and offer a fun, alternative way to explore the subjects they love.