Music Matters at Diamond Academy

The Inspiration Trust strongly believes in the power of music to enhance lives, both through the sheer pleasure of listening to and enjoying music, and through the discipline of individual and group playing and singing.

As part of our extended Arts and Culture Programme, pupils have the opportunity to take part in a variety of plays, concerts, and music competitions.

As part of our commitment to music education, we also offer our students a range of peripatetic lessons with our highly skilled and experienced team of Visiting Music Teachers - these include piano, singing, and recorder lessons. Learning to play an instrument helps pupils to develop cognitive and social skills, expand language and motor skills, as well as help build determination and patience. Plus, it's fun!

Our pupils are encouraged to participate in numerous Trust-wide music competitions and the Inspiration Trust has made a pledge to have a full orchestra or musical ensemble in every one of its schools by 2027.

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Trust-Wide Carol Service

An annual tradition, the Carol Service sees pupils from all across our sister schools - primaries, secondaries, and sixth forms - join forces to perform a series of traditional carols and hymns in the Winter Term.

Always a big calendar event, the Carol Service is a fantastic opportunity for our students and staff to showcase their brilliant musical capabilities, whether through playing instruments or singing, while getting to perform in an iconic location.

The Carol Service is a fun Christmas event that always makes for a lovely family evening.