School Admissions

Transfer to Junior School

The 2024/25 admission to junior school application round opens on Monday 6th November 2023. Applications can be made online from this date: Enrol: Online School Admissions Website.

The application round closes on Monday 15th January 2024. Late applications can still be made after this date by completing a paper application form. Request a paper application form using the Norfolk County Council general enquiry form.


When children transfer to junior school

Junior schools are for 7 to 11-year-olds (Years 3 to 6). Your child is due to transfer to junior school when they are in their last year (Year 2) at infant school. You need to apply for a junior school place for September 2024 if:

  • Your child currently goes to an infant school, and
  • They were born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017.


If your child goes to a primary school

Primary schools are for 4 to 11-year-olds (reception to year 6). Children in year 2 at a primary school are not ‘due to transfer’ to a junior school. This means you do not need to apply for transfer to junior school if you want your child to continue going to the same primary school in year 3. You can still apply for transfer to junior school if your child is in year 2 at a primary school. Your application will be given lower priority than applications from children at infant schools – even if you live in the catchment area for the school.

When you get your school offer

Norfolk County Council will tell the Principal that your child has a place. The school will contact you with further information. The first day of autumn term 2024 is Thursday 5th September 2024. Your child should go to school on that day unless the school tells you otherwise.

  • If you applied online, you will be able to see the offer in your admissions account online. Norfolk County Council will also send you the offer by email on 16th April 2024.
  • If you completed a paper application form, Norfolk County Council will send your school offer by post. They will send offer letters by second-class post on 16th April 2024.


Junior school admissions timetable for September 2024 entry

  • Applications open – 6th November 2023
  • Applications close – 15th January 2024
  • National offer day (when you get your school offer) – 16th April 2024
  • Appeals closing date – 29th April 2024
  • Mini admission round starts (when changes parents have made to their applications since the closing date are considered) – 16th May 2024
  • Appeals hearings take place – June/July 2024
  • Waiting list maintained to - 31st December 2024.

EMAT Admission Policy 2023

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